Bagtabulous is created to share our good deals and love for fabulously beautiful and quality bags from Coach & Kate Spade. Our goal is to sell the bags at a great(possibly the lowest in Singapore!) price and ensure that our buyers get their purchases in the shortest time possible.

All items are purchased from Coach / Kate Spade Outlets & major department stores or purchased from Coach / Kate Spade online websites in the United States and are 100% genuine.


How it started

We started out making regular trips to Coach and Kate Spade stores and factory outlets to help friends and family snag good deals. Slowly, the idea for Bagtabulous evolved so that we can share the great deals with more friends and family like you.

We love to hear from you
Our goal is to marry the cost effectiveness of online bulk purchases with the convenience of online shopping platform to bring the latest Coach and Kate Spade bags to you in Singapore. We would love to hear from you on how we can further improve your shopping experience on Bagtabulous! Feel free to drop us a note.


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